Chews & Toys

Buffalo Horn Chews

It always surprises me to see the newest dog chews on the market. I can still remember the excitement when the glorious bully stick hit the stores – healthy and takes a while to devour!

The Foobler

What a funny name, right? This little gem came to my household from my friend and fellow veterinarian, Jenn. Her dog did not have quite the patience and preferred to try to destroy it rather than figure out the treat-release mechanism. So this unique…

Ethical Pet Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Puzzle Dog Toy

I am getting that look again. Beasley has exhausted the use of his squeaker toys and whining at my feet for more playtime. As much as he loves to chew, I can also tell that he enjoys mental stimulation. This got me to explore the world of dog toy…