The Foobler


The Foobler

What a funny name, right? This little gem came to my household from my friend and fellow veterinarian, Jenn. Her dog did not have quite the patience and preferred to try to destroy it rather than figure out the treat-release mechanism. So this unique toy, the Foobler, became a part of our myriad of toys for Beasley.

First of all, this is a battery operated toy, so if you don’t want to fuss with electronic dog toys then this is not for you. This ball is well made with hard and heavy plastic that is similar to a Jolly Ball toy. If you haven’t heard of Jolly Ball, well it is very durable hard plastic. There are two access points to this ball for the owner – one is for the batteries and the other for the treats. With a simple twist and turn you are able to access them without much needed strength. The twist is brilliant so your dog won’t be able to easily dislodge them! The 6-compartmentalized end offers deep sections to place kibble or treats inside. What size of treats? Well, the dispenser hole is a little larger than a quarter. Most treats work well!

Now comes the fun part. Once the ball is loaded with batteries and treats, it can be set to a timer to dispense them! Do you have a dog suffering from anxiety when you’re away? Does he or she do better with food in the belly versus a gurgly hungry one? This toy offers the answer! You simply set the timer and sit the toy down. The Foobler chimes with a pleasant “ping, ping, ping” and the mechanical sounds generate the first compartment of treats to be ready to come out of the dispenser. Voila! Treats for Beasley!

The best part is that the Foobler loads the treats to be dispensed – it does not release them immediately. The chimes alert your dog and the play session begins. Beasley has a great time rolling this ball just right to get the kibble to fall from the toy. Once he collects all the treats, he retreats (no pun intended) and waits for the next “ping, ping, PING!” for the next play session. This toy is truly great for the bored doggy left at home that may have anxiety or get into trouble (like the trash). Or, like myself, has all the above and enjoys being able to feed Beasley lunch throughout the afternoon. Wonderful!

I noticed that I really do not have many downsides to this invention. I believe this is because I believe this is a well-made toy made to withstand force and rough play as well as engage your dog to be attentive and patient. The Foobler is easy to clean and offers stimulation to dogs with anxiety or restlessness. The only slight downside is the cost. At best, I can find it roughly for $28.00 through popular internet sites. In my opinion, this is worth the cost!

Cost: $27.99

Source: Amazon: KizKupboard


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