Ethical Pet Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Puzzle Dog Toy


Ethical Pet Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Puzzle Dog Toy

I am getting that look again. Beasley has exhausted the use of his squeaker toys and whining at my feet for more playtime. As much as he loves to chew, I can also tell that he enjoys mental stimulation. This got me to explore the world of dog toy puzzles…and there are many! Starting off I wanted to try one that did not break the bank, but offered Beasley the complexity to search and find hidden treats. Not only did this occupy him, but it strengthens his instincts for hunting and scent drive.

When I brought home this dog toy, I was immediately impressed by its appearance. It has no sharp edges, has a decent weight to it, and the round slider spheres move easily without issue. It has ten shallow reservoirs to hold treats or dog kibble. This could make it difficult if your treats are too bulky. I decided to use dog kibble to keep it low calorie and for the ease of not having to break my treats into tiny bits!

As I filled the toy, I noticed that you shouldn’t fill all of the reservoirs because they can’t be covered. Only 6 of the 10 reservoirs can hide treats. Granted I could have realized this before receiving the toy, but it was a minor let down because that does shorten the toy’s use for Beasley. With the kibbles loaded, I set the toy down for the big test.

Beasley quickly had interest by sniffing and pawing the toy. He soon realized the way to access the treats and was completely consumed. This is great! The downside? He was busy for maybe 10 minutes…tops. Now we know all dogs do not work the same way. Beasley does not have the “kill it” approach that other dogs may have. The wooden construction of this toy would probably not hold up to dogs that would choose to gnaw and chew on it out of frustration. It definitely holds up to the clawing, pushing, and licking from an impatient pooch. If the licking becomes heavy slobbering, then I would worry about this wood warping and the discs falling out of their tracks.

In the end, I would definitely recommend this toy for the dogs that do not thrive on chewing and destroying their toys. It would also be beneficial if they did not lick or slobber too much. If your dog is this type, do not feel discouraged! This toy still provides mental stimulation for your dog. Just be sure to supervise his or her playtime. Beasley definitely enjoys this as a transition for when I leave the home. It keeps him distracted with just enough time as I leave for work!

Cost: $7.99



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